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We offer you a live presentation of our perometers, the FigureCheck and industrial products without a service team member having to travel to you. You conveniently follow the demonstration on your computer screen and discuss with us your specific questions and requirements.

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Perometers built in 2010 and earlier use electronic components, some of which are no longer available. Please contact us if service is required for such systems.

Special proposition: European customers may ask for our low-cost special offers of new equipment in these cases.

Safety and Replacement parts

Models 400 T, 550 T and 400 NT/NTl use a balancer to compensate for the weight of the measurement frame. This balancer will be worn out after 5 years of operation. Due to safety reasons this part must then be replaced. Ask for advise via e-mail (see above) in this case. Also a safety update of the Perometer software is mandatoryFind an order form here.

Note: Systems not being updated as described must be put out of order.
Details of all safety advices are found in the Perometer Manual