Software PeroSanNT

The PeroSanNT software allows you to quickly and conveniently compare the Perometer measurements of the lower limb with the hosiery manufacturers’ size tables stored in the program.

First, the measured leg is presented on the screen; the markings entered correspond to the standard dimensions defined in the compression therapy.

If necessary, they can be repositioned with the mouse, so that the decision on the exact position of the measurement points remains with the specialist. Interactively, the current circumference at the markings and the corresponding length measure are displayed when moving them.

Bild des Beines mit Markierungen an Maßpunkten

The measurements taken can now be quickly and easily compared with the stocking manufacturers’ size tables stored in the program. PeroSanNT clearly transfers the leg measurements to the currently selected size table. A decision on the fit can be made in seconds – a single view is all it takes.


A ready-to-use order form with the option of outputting the data in a pdf file or directly on paper and, if desired, an interface to the administration software round off the program package.

Programm-Screenshot Produktauswahl