Application “resting/active leg”

In the following example, a leg is scanned with the Perometer about 2-3 times per minute over a period of one hour. In the first step, the leg remains still. In the second step, the test person stands up between each two measurements and performs 10 toe-stands: The leg is active between the measurements. This results in a subtle change in volume, which can be easily detected by the Perometer and comfortably evaluated with the associated software package PeroScan.

Have a look at the clip and get a feel for the ease of carrying out the measurements, the high precision, the sensitivity for subtle changes and the repeat accuracy.

The second clip will give you an understanding of a basic principle of Perometer measurement evaluation: First, the entire leg is measured; within the scope of the analysis you can then decide at any time which area of the leg you would like to evaluate. Simply place the slidable markers on the leg segment of interest, and the corresponding volume and its development over time is interactively displayed in the diagram.