Quality in software and hardware


The Perometer software is continuously updated. The further development of the relevant standards is thereby regularly taken into account. Please note that optimum and safe operation of the Perometer can only be maintained if the latest updates are always installed.

A list of all software updates can be found here. Order the latest update for your perometer, which includes all previous ones, using the form below.


In addition to the Perometer software, the hardware, including the latest operating instructions, must also be kept up to date at all times.

The 400 T, 550 T and 400 NT/NTL models use a balancer to make the measuring frame appear to float without weight. The balancers have a limited service life and must be replaced at the latest after an operating period of 5 years for safety reasons. In this case, please contact us via e-mail.

For perometers built in 2010 and earlier, not all electronic components are available from our suppliers anymore. We can only repair these devices and guarantee their proper operation if a general overhaul has been carried out every 10 years. We then also provide long-term storage of the components for the overhauled device. If you need service in these cases, please contact us for our low-cost offers for new equipment.

Note: Systems that have not been serviced as described above must be taken out of operation. Details of all safety instructions can be found in the perometer’s user manual.