Industrial Applications

Imaging frames made by Pero-System are used for the reliable and precise measuring of objects. Depending on the measurement requirements, they form an imaging curtain or a grid and can be combined in a variety of ways. All systems comprise an object holder and a frame, which is often moved manually on a rail. Depending on the model, the frame has a different clear width. Fig. 1 shows a typical application. During measurement the frame is moved on the rail across the object to be measured. The volume of the object is determined.

Fig. 1: Measuring the volume of a wooden trunk (Table 1, model 351 NT, 352 NT and 2 x 353 NT)

Fig. 2: Measuring the volume of parcels ((above) and Demonstration video (below)

In other applications the frame is moved over objects like packets or parcels. Again, the frame determines the diameters and the volume of the objects. In another configuration, the objects are pushed through the frame by a conveyor belt.

Both options are also available with a rail allowing a vertical movement of the imaging frame. In this option the weight of the frame is balanced so that it hangs quietly in each position.

In a high resolution option (see Fig. 3) an object of circular or elliptical cross section area is placed within the frame, which hangs quietly and determines the circumference of the object every 2 seconds. This option allows to measure the change of the diameter or of the circumference of the object, e.g. due to a temperature change (see Fig. 4). Changes as low as 20 Micrometers are detected.

Fig. 4: Change in circumference of an aluminum tube heated to about 200 °C upon cooling to room temperature

Fig. 3: Measurement of the circumference of an aluminum tube in high resolution (Table 1, model 451 NT, 402 NT, 403 NT)