Perometer support

We offer comprehensive support for the setup and operation of your perometer system. You receive support for both new and older devices. The first month is free; fees are charged thereafter. The support offers you:

– a personal contact person within a telephone hotline
– advice on all newly arising questions and problems in daily operation
– IT support via remote maintenance
– Guidance in case of computer change
– Copy of your current Perometer operating software
– Follow-up training of employees by video support in our online studio
– Support with software updates for new and subsequent installation for the PeroPlus and PeroScan operating software
– Measurement tables and product lists from hosiery manufacturers for the compression hosiery measurement software
– Updates to the instructions for use with “best practice” information
and much more.


To download the support order form, enter your perometer serial number here.

The serial number is the 6 or 7 digit number labeled SN on the nameplate. You will find the nameplate of the perometer a) for model 1000 M/1000 NT: On the side of the measuring frame near the connectors, b) for all other models: On the side of the carriage on which the measuring frame travels.