Scannerframe of a Perometer

Perometers are highly sensitive optical extremity and body scanners. All model variants are optimized to meet customer requirements. They have proven themselves in daily use for more than 30 years. The core piece is a scanner unit in a robust measuring frame. Depending on the application, the scanner is moved manually over the body, over one of the extremities or over a measurement object when taking data.

All perometer models are mechanically easy to handle. The measuring process is extremely fast and takes only a few seconds. The operating and control software is adapted to the respective measuring target and optimized for high usability. A description of the functional principle can be found here.

Scanning the leg with model 400 MT within a few seconds

In the medical field, perometers are used for the highly accurate recording of volumes, or the circumferences of extremities and their changes. Changes in volume, such as e.g. oedema, can be recorded with high precision. Depending on the problem, changes in volume can be detected down to the per mille range.

Model 1000 MT Compact for the fitting of compressions stockings

In health care centers, perometers are used to measure compression stockings quickly and accurately. Specialist staff praise the easy handling and the unproblematic positioning of the customer. The Perometer software supports the supply of compression stockings from all major manufacturers.

The current corona pandemic also poses a particular challenge for medical supply stores. The Perometer offers a plus point in terms of safety here, as its contactless measuring method allows the physical distance necessary to protect employees and customers to be maintained even during the measurement of compression stockings.

In the sports and fitness sector, improving one’s figure is an important goal for many people. In addition, coaches help people to achieve their desired figure by changing their eating habits. Although considerable discipline is required for lasting success, especially at the beginning, changes are not yet visible to the naked eye. Perometer objectively demonstrates progress to the client and the coach from the very beginning. Those who see success stay “on the ball”! Perometers are therefore a guarantee not only to keep up all activities, but also to spur you to sustainable success.

Also in the industrial sector, Perometers are advantageously used for scanning inanimate objects. Pero-System offers specific solutions and takes into account special requirements of customers by individually developed Perometer software.

Four basic models of Perometer are available. Each is offered in different versions and with different software equipment. The following table gives an overview. Details can be found on the product pages.


Basic model Software PeroScan Software PerosanNT (with ERP) Software PeroShape Balancer unit Data transmission Armsupport
included not included USB/RS232 Wireless
350 MT X X X X X
400 MT X X X X X
400 MTL X X X X X
1000 MT X X X X X X
1400 MT X X X X

Find out here about the Perometer types currently available:

Perometer 350 MT

Perometer 400 MT

Perometer 1400 MT

Perometer 1000 MT

Safety information

The safety of our products is constantly being further developed. The current safety information that must be observed can be found here.