Fitting of compression stockings

With our perometers we are pioneers in the computer-aided fitting of compression stockings. For more than 25 years, our systems have been providing precision-fit solutions for the different needs of medical health care centers. At present, compression stockings in Germany are measured to a remarkable extent with the help of perometers. In more than 20 countries throughout Europe and overseas, devices are available which allow the monitoring of oedema together with the measurement for the fitting of compression stockings.

For the measurement, neither complex positioning nor a complicated posture correction of the patient is necessary. The scanning of the extremity is contactless with a scanning time of no more than approx. 2 seconds. Where necessary for reasons of hygiene, e.g. during the corona pandemic, sufficient distance to the patient can be maintained.

The actual Perometer measurement is followed by an evaluation process that guides the specialist through the selection and ordering of both serial stockings and custom-made products. The system supports all major compression stocking manufacturers and allows to store all measurement details and orders.

The completely revised PeroSanNT software package for measuring compression stockings has been available since the end of 2019.