Applications *)

Typical areas of application for perometers are and the observation of the temporal volume development of extremities and (mainly in Europe) the fitting of compression stockings.

The perometer scanning method is characterized by high precision of the results as well as by a very quick and easy execution of the scan. This combination makes the perometer the ideal instrument for medium-term or long-term observations, which can extend over years or decades in medical practice, as well as for short-term observations, in which scans must be carried out quickly in succession, for example in research. The scanning process with the perometer does not take longer than 2-3 seconds.

The reproducibility of the results over many years is demonstrated by the example of a long-term monitored edema patient in a clinic (see submenu). At the same time, you can see how the change that occurs after a few years is immediately registered and made visible with the perometer.

As an example of a medium-term series of scans, use the submenu to consider the development of edema in the leg area during a bus trip.

In another example, we compare the volume of an initially resting leg with the volume of the same leg when it is put into activity between measurements. Gain a feeling for the high precision and repeatability of perometer scans with ease of use: over 100 scans were conveniently recorded in less than an hour.

*) Note that outside Europe in several countries, especially in America, the intended use of a Perometer and of all other products of Pero-System currently does not comprise medical applications. Mail to info{at} for more information.