About us

Pero-System Messgeraete GmbH

Pero system produces and distributes LED scanners offering accurate true-to-scale pictures of objects put into the sensor frame of the system. Our products include the Perometer imaging systems, the FigureCheck devices for scanning the body shape for the fitness area as well as measuring frames for industrial applications for the determination of geometrical dimensions of objects and for object recognition.

Object diameters up to approx. half a meter can be detected; the measuring length is currently up to approx. 1.7 m; longer lengths are realizable.

In the European Union our Perometer measuring systems are manufactured and certified as medical products (class I with measuring function). They are used to quantify edema in the extremities during a therapy or to fit compression stockings for those patients. Outside Europe our systems are not intended to be used as a medical device and are not offered as medical products.

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